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Elements of the Voice
(Virtual Course)

February 1st - 23rd , 2023
4 Week Virtual Program
Every Wednesday from 6:30-8PM


Bringing you a new outlook in exploration of your voice.  Through the natural elements that make up the world and us! We will be exploring the fluidity of the voice with the help of fire, water, earth, and air.  



What this course will bring you:
✨  New outlook on your voice.
✨ Tools to use to move through feelings of all the elements through the voice.
✨ Special guest speakers.
✨ New Chants for each of the Elements.
✨ New Breathing techniques.



Igniting the Elements through the Voice:


We will explore the release of passion and anger through the body and voice.  Learning how to heat ourselves and create new fires within us.


Flow thru the feminine in our sensual ways.  Exploring new warm ups through body and voice.  Playing with our inner child and exploring our natural state of pleasure.  Using improv and flow through the voice.


Setting intentions and creating new paths.  Breath work journey will be apart of this session.


Sound bath time!  Becoming rooted in our ways and listening to our ancestors.  New chants will be taught, grounding us in our ways. 

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