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Virtual Vocal Coaching & Beyond.

Your musical journey begins HERE.

My promise as a teacher is to do my very best to help you develop your personal interest in the music world. I have been teaching music lessons to all ages for almost a decade.  I find developing skills in different areas of music to be a great way of growing and continuing to be inspired. 

I aim to reconnect the mind, body, and spirit through voice.


Welcome to
Wake the Voice!


Vocal Coaching at it's best!

A combination of yoga, meditation, and voice are key components in Liat's vocal coaching sessions.  "Liat's spirit creates such a supportive and nourishing space - allowing me to explore & find my voice! " Long Dao 

Kara Baruzzini,
Women Empowerment Coach

In life changing ways you have opened my voice chakra.  Before I was so scared to sing. & now I feel confident to sing, and share, and improv even!  All in the loved space that you are.

Clare Seekins,

Liat shows us the strength of voice we've always had, but didn't know how to summon, and with the voice comes power.

Kathryn Kobayashi,
Yoga Instructor

Liat, you truly helped me find my voice when I thought it was taken away from me.  You helped me step into my power!!

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