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Wake the Voice : Ignite Your Power

When I was a teenager, I had many pent up emotions. I was angry, sad and everything in between; weren’t we all? Then one day I picked up a guitar and the rest was history. I would lock myself in my room and sing and strum til my fingers bled. Crying, laughing, yelling, I expressed the full spectrum through the power of my voice with guitar as an accompaniment. Over the past 2 decades, I’ve been cultivating the expertise to embark on a new healing practice - the freedom to express ones full self through song with no judgement.


 My offering, Wake The Voice - Igniting Your Power, is a 7 week virtual course designed to help activate the parts of your voice that have been dormant and hidden under layers of self doubt, anxiety or general fear. This multi-faceted workshop will include additional guest teachers to encompass the realms of self-compassion, womb work, breath work, inner critic, yoga, meditation, vocal hygiene, and vocal coaching. The course will be held virtually and there are no qualifications or singing background necessary. The ultimate goal is a very special gift; activating the ability to unleash your inner power, your voice.   


Each Sunday from 5-6 pm (mst)

August 7-September 11th




- Let the Journey Begin -


🫶 Liat 

Singing Instructor Liat Arochas

Special Guests:


When You Sign Up:

You will receive a gift basket in the mail filled with all the goodies you will need for the 7 week journey.  Including some local products from Turtle Herbals to help with the release of the voice!

Catherine Ceresa,
Program Manager Microsoft

Liat has reminded me what a creative meditation, and useful breathing exercise, it is to focus on my sound and song. I am so grateful for her insights and fun instruction. 

Marte Bjelland,
Senior Associate, BDO

Singing with you was so fun, playful and powerful.  Thank you for helping me activate and understand the power in my voice.

Ivan Durst,
Graphic Designer & Songleader

Your playful encouraging demeanor frees the inner child to express.  I learned so much wisdom from you about holding space that I now use in my own song circles.

Alex Shimmel, 
Yogi and Retreat Leader

Singing with you every morning for ten straight days, was one of the most empowering things I've done. I feel like it awakened so much power in me.




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